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虚寒性腹痛茶疗 Asthenic Cold Related Abdominal Pain Tea




功效 :暖胃散寒,行气温经,适合食生冷后腹痛,或月经期时少腹不适,伴怕冷或手脚冰冷。



*5 Tea Bags*

Ingredients: Dry ginger, Seedless Red Dates, Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes macrocephala

Properties:Warm stomach and expel cold, promote qi flow and warm menstrual, suitable for those who have abdominal pain after eating cold food, or abdominal discomfort during menstrual, accompanied by aversion to cold or cold limbs

Method: Drain in boiling water and cover it, you can drink it after 15 minutes, this teabag can be brewed for 3-4times, until the tea is tasteless.

Note: Not suitable for those who recovering from cold/flu and pregnant women. It is suitable for women to drink one week before menstrual in order to relieve the menstrual discomfort.