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Poria Poria / China Root

  • "Benjing": "maintains the spleen and flanks the qi, worries and frightens the evil spirits, fears palpitations, pain in the heart, cold and heat, irritability, cough, dry mouth and tongue, and facilitates urination. Take it for a long time to soothe the soul, soothe the mind, and not be hungry. Extend your years."

    "Materia Medica Yanyi": "This thing has many functions in water, and it can not be quenched by benefiting the heart and spleen."

    "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Later generations must use Fu Shen to treat heart palpitations, so Jiegu Zhang's heart is guilty of wind dizziness, and Fu Shen can't get rid of it, but Poria does not care about heart disease."