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【Health Jerky Series】Good Luck Double Gift Box


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  • [Not Chinese Medicine] For the first time, it cooperated with the traditional time-honored brand [Muar Yuan Zhenxiang] to launch the original "healthy taste" jerky in Malaysia - "Not _____ Jerky". One is traditional Chinese medicine, which is constantly promoting innovation, and the other is a time-honored brand with a history of 50 years; one is innovation, and the other is tradition. Are you curious about what kind of jerky is "Not _____ Jerky" under the combination of the two?

    "Not _____ Jerky" uses pure natural spices to marinate high-quality pearl minced meat, so that the traditional flavor is matched with the golden ratio of healthy ingredients prepared by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners—longanandred dates, and use a special charcoal grilling method to lock the essence and soul of fresh meat, integrate the essence of healthy ingredients, and sublimate the taste of jerky again! The soft and elastic jerky has the chewiness of longan and the aroma of red dates. The perfect combination of sweet and salty combination makes it more layered.

    In conclusion, it is no ordinary jerky!

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It's not ordinary jerky, it's jerky with a unique New Year's flavor