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【Health Jerky Series】Double Enjoy Gift Box


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  • 【Not Chinese Medicine】For the first time, it has joined hands with the traditional time-honored brand 【Muar Yuan Zhenxiang】to launch the original "healthy taste" jerky in Malaysia - "Not _____ Jerky". One is the traditional Chinese medicine that continuously promotes innovation, and the other is a time-honored brand with a history of 50 years; one is innovation, and the other is tradition. Are you curious about what kind of jerky is "Not _____ Jerky" under the combination of the two?

    "Not _____ Jerky" uses pure natural spices to marinate high-quality pearl minced meat, so that the traditional flavor is matched with the golden ratio of healthy ingredients prepared by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners—longanandred dates, and use a special charcoal grilling method to lock the essence and soul of fresh meat, integrate the essence of healthy ingredients, and sublimate the taste of jerky again! In addition, a bite of jerky and a sip of tea is the perfect match for the New Year!

    "Not _____ jerky" + "I want to lose weight with tea therapy" = perfect New Year's equipment

    ⚡️ Limited edition while stocks last

It's not ordinary jerky, it's jerky with a unique New Year's flavor