There’s a common saying that goes
"You'll be grateful for a lifetime to have the right confinement care"

The confinement month ("sitting the month" / "zuo yue zi") is extremely crucial in every woman’s life.
It is the golden period (28 days) for a women's body recovery that once have missed, it’s almost almost impossible to get it back.

It is a common practise amongst Chinese for their own mums or mother-in-laws to look after & help out during the whole postnatal confinement care.
Yet, many of them do not possess the proper know-how to optimum body & health recovery.

Because without the right care & guidance, the risks for postnatal complications remain high.

As such they’ll need the right care and right nutritions to build up the body conditions, thus preventing any subsequent health risks. 

THREE (3) most common questions / consideration
when one decided have postnatal confinement care at home:

Is my family member or confinement nanny reliable enough to take care of me & my newborn baby while preparing all the things needed for my recovery?

Am I able to restore back to pre-pregnancy health conditions? What shall I eat / drink to take me back to my pre-pregnancy state?

Will there be enough breast milk supply during the start of the postnatal period? What should I eat to ensure I have the right nutrients in my breast milk?

"ItsHerbs" Golden 28-day Confinement Soup Package

Over the past 2 years, our professional physicians at ItsHerbs had partnered with & worked closely with 5 postnatal confinement centres across Malaysia. We helped more than 200 new mothers with their postnatal confinement care and recovery consultation.

The Golden 28-day Confinement Soup Package is being formulated & further developed over the period. 
This is a customised product package, prescribing based on the health & body condition of each mum.
 It can also be personalised to best suit the mother’s palate, thus providing better appetite & speedy recovery.

1-to-1 Personalised Prescription

There is no one size fits all solution. Our physicians customised every single package for each mum, based on her physical & health condition, for her best interest to achieve a rapid recovery. 

Only Using The Highest Grade of Chinese Medicinal Herb 

We pride on selecting directly from top-notch Chinese Medicinal materials suppliers. Ensuring our product provides the best Value For Money. Most importantly, there is no “middle-man” distributor involved.

Effective TCM soup that taste YUMMY !

Typical traditional medicine usually tastes bitter and it's hard to swallow,. Through our R&D, we bring the best out of our formula so that it tastes great & effective. So you will enjoy the TCM soup fully and recover better!

Pre / Post Natal Consultations by professional TCM physicians

Have questions regards to your pregnancy. You can either go on searching for information online, or just ask the professionals. We're here to help!

• Product Feature  •

Personalised Prescription, Because Everyone Health Condition Is Slightly Different

Our Physicians will diagnose and prescribe a personalised formula based  of each mother's personal condition (including age, pregnancy examination, choice of breastfeeding after delivery, normal delivery or caesarean section, special conditions, etc.) to ensure that the dosage of medicines and the order of tonics soup are reasonable.

As one of the pioneering teams of professionals in the Malaysia TCM industry, we believe in a more scientific approach & methodology, to help postnatal mothers achieve optimum recovery rate.

"There is no such thing as one formula that fits all." - ItsHerbs

Easy To Cook, Easy Packaging Arrangement

All the 8 different chinese herbal decoctions included in “Not Confinement Soup Packages” are improved versions of the traditional Chinese medicine recipe. Along with finest Chinese medicinal ingredients, this soup package is made to be more suitable & acceptable for modern mothers to take in.

Every soup package is pre-packed for you by day and comes with an easy guide to prepare on-the-go. So anyone with ZERO experience on postnatal confinement can easily boil the medicinal soup simply by following the instruction steps.

Ready To Cook, Pre-Packaged by Day

Our confinement soup package consist of 8 main different type of chinese herbal decoctions. These recipes are improved versions of the traditional Chinese medicine recipe. It comes along with finest grade Chinese  TCM medicinal ingredients. It is specially made to be more suitable for modern days recovery.

Every soup package is pre-packed for you by day and comes with an easy guide to prepare on-the-go. So anyone with ZERO experience on postnatal confinement care can easily boil the medicinal soup simply by following the instruction steps.

Hygienic Vacuum-packed During Production

These herbal soup are vacuum-packed during the customised production right after the prenatal 1:1 consultation. By doing so, we ensure the herbs are kept at the freshest state and not easily oxidised. You do not need to worry about the storage space / keeping it in the refrigerator.

Better medicinal effect, Better packaging

Itsherbs has worked closely with 不然设计Hwee & Hew Design to create an exquisite 2021 Baby Ox design for these personalised herbal remedies, making it perfect even as gift-giving. Limited to only 1000 sets.

The packaging includes a 28-day calendar for mummy to keep memory each day. Also this box can be recycled into a gift storage for the baby's 1-month-old celebration.

Handy Box Designed For Future Usage

The package consist of a nicely designed packaging box by 不然设计 Hwee & Hew Design. It is created exquisitely for 2021 to welcome the Baby Ox, making it perfect even as gift-giving. Limited to only 1000 sets.
The packaging includes a 28-day calendar for mummy to keep memory each day. Also this box can be reuse as a gift storage for the baby's 1-month-old (full moon) celebration. 

100% Free Consultation Pre & Postnatal
(By Online / Offline appointment)

With the recent pandemic hit that has significantly made physical consultations inconvenient for all mothers, online consultations are now available through phone calls & form-based questionnaires.

We will provide FREE consultation to ensure your speedy recovery. You can also arrange the consultation session via call-in or Whatsapp to make appointment with our professional TCM physician.

28 Days Post-Delivery,
4 Weeks of Optimal Recuperation.

Over a 4 weeks period after giving birth, the mother will need to take 8 types of soup packages, namely:
"Sheng Hua Soup", "Dang Gui Bu Xue Soup","Si Shen Soup","Shan Yao Yi Wei Soup",
"Bu Xue Cui Xue Soup","Du Zhong Ba Zhen Soup","Bu Zhong Yi Qi Soup" and"Shi Quan Da Bu Soup".

Reason being this greatly helps the mother to relieve tension of muscles nerves (疏经通络), keep a good digestion system (保养脾胃), restore body vitality and blood circulation (补气养血), provide nourishment for the ovaries (保养卵巢). As a whole, this enhances the recovery rate of the body much faster than usual.

Top Quality TCM Herbs Selection

At the heart of the line, we want to make sure that all mothers are supplied with the best quality medicinal ingredients
for their best recovery at the reasonable pricing. "Value For Money" is the key.

Under Physician Lau’s direct supervision, we minimized traditional markups by eliminating the middlemen.
We get our raw materials (ie Herbs) directly from the source, domestically and internationally.

With the use of natural herbs ingredients, we are able to achieve the highest effect on each treatment for postnatal confinement care.

Effective TCM Medicine Doesn't Necessary Taste Bitter,
It's So Nice, You Might Even Ask For More!

There’s always a general myth & belief that Chinese TCM Herbs are meant to taste bitter to be “effective”.
That is not the case with us, as we emphasise on bringing out the best taste and effects at the same time.

When we first started "ItsHerbs", many asked :
"Why are you called 「不是中藥」direct translating into “It’s Not Chinese Medicine”?

The reason is pretty simple, our physicians are disrupting the myth of TCM,
hence our prescriptions are often not bitter & taste much better.

Our founder, Physician Lau truly believes in combining comprehensive Chinese medical knowledge & understanding of herbs
to formulate any prescriptions that are non-bitter, without compromising any qualities.
Most of the time, he will even taste his prescription himself. Doing all these to make customers enjoy the process instead of bitter suffering.
Hence why the name — ItsHerbs 「不是中藥」.

Here are some of the testimonials from our customers : 

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Progress Heading

「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套
「不是坐月」黄金28天 月子汤料配套

ItsHerbs Golden 28 Days Confinement Soup Package

Package Details  
Recovery Period28 Days / 4 Weeks
PrescriptionPersonalised Prescription For Each Month
ConsultationUp to 3 times (via Online / Offline appointment)
HerbsTop Graded TCM Herbs
(Vacuum-Packed for Daily Consumption)
USP- The TCM Soup That Taste Great! 
- Limited ed. Designers 

Here's Our "RISK FREE" Shopping Promise

We understand giving birth to a child does cost a lot of money.
However, postnatal confinement care is crucial for women to fully recuperate & “reborn”.

At ItsHerbs, we promise to provide the highest standard of product quality and first-class consultation service catered to your needs.

If you are unsatisfied with our products, we will provide
30 Days FREE Returns & 100% Full Refund under the condition that the product remains unopened.
No questions asked.

On top of it, you get to enjoy these EXTRA benefits:

Free Express Shipping Across Malaysia

Order shall be shipped out upon consultation and customised prescription.

Delivery will usually take 3-5 working days for Peninsular Malaysia

Installment Plan

Tight on cash flow or budget wise? With SplitIt upon checkout,  you can enjoy an interest-free installment plan for a period of 3-12 months. Available for VISA / MASTERCARD cards only.

Free Consultations with Professional Physicians 

All expectant mothers / postnatal mothers will get to enjoy up to THREE (3) FREE 1-to-1 consultations for pre-& postnatal recovery, follow-up appointments, and other enquiries.
** Online / Offline appointments available.

"Our goal is to help 1,000 moms to achieve 
recovery in 2021." 

We are a team of young, dynamic, &
passionate professional chinese physicians. Always at your service!

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Still Feeling Unsure? 

Here are top 10 commonly asked questions if you have any more queries before placing your orders. Hopefully they help to clarify your concerns!