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The Night Owl Pack


Not all overtime work simply justify that you strive hard,
but early risers are more likely to be more productive at work.

Having the ultimate luxury skin care cream applied to your face but allowing your body and eyes to burn the midnight oil? You noticed that you started to lose more hair and your hair turned grey eventually… This seems to be a true picture of modern life nowadays.

We often think that working ourselves to the bone and overtime may surpass the others, but when staying up late becomes the norm, not only will you be in low spirit during the day, but it will also affects your vision, memory, health and increase the risk of getting diseases. How are you going to compete with others if you are weak?

If you are forced to work overtime at night, you should at least learn to take care of yourself. You may put effort on your diet, exercise or take Chinese herbal medicine to protect your health. Chinese medicine conditioning method helps to regulate your body condition, relieve eye strain, balance the functions of internal organs and improve your immune system.

We will assist with the discomfort and conditioning that comes with the infection!

Relieve excess fire in the liver, anti-fatigue, eye protection, alleviate dry mouth, dispel wind and clear the heat
Best For Who
Night owl, people who work for long hours, 3C products users, watch live sports games of late-night , video games lovers
Problem Solving
Eyestrain, dry skin, dry mouth and dry throat caused by consistent lack of sleep
Package Includes
Consultation by a TCM physician (initial consultation + follow-up) + 2 weeks of traditional Chinese medicine powder conditioning (1 course of treatment)


Additional package: The doctor will provide daily dietary advice + acupoint massage advice based on your symptoms and body constitution

After placing the order, the TCM team will contact you immediately to arrange a consultation and ship the prescription to you


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