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Special Intrinsic Body Type

Extraordinary physique, what does it mean?

  • allergic constitution
  • Your body reacts specifically to certain substances that keep you from sneezing, asthma, swollen skin, rubella, etc.
  • With urbanization, allergies are a trendy problem for urbanites


How did the special physique come about?

  • lack of innate endowment
  • genetic factors
  • Long-term overexposure to chemicals or radiation
  • Prolonged exposure to poorly sanitized conditions
  • Long-term weakened immune system


What are the symptoms of the body?

  • susceptible to allergies (to drugs, food, metals, latex, smells, pollen, or during climate change)
  • Skin rashes easily
  • Unexplained sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose


    Want to improve, what should I do?

    Diet has principles:

    • Due to the excessive intake of protein food by modern people every day, this kind of diet structure is very unfavorable for people with special constitutions. Therefore, people with special constitutions should reasonably match their diet structure. The diet must be light, balanced, and thick The combination of meat and vegetables is reasonable.
    • People with special physique should eat more foods that nourish qi and solidify the surface. It is best to eat brown rice, vegetables and honey regularly. They can not only provide high-quality red blood cells, but also do not have to worry about foreign proteins entering the blood, so they can effectively prevent the occurrence of allergic symptoms.
    • There are also some people with special constitution who are allergic to food additives, such as pigments, antioxidants, preservatives, etc. People with food allergies such as candied fruit should eat less to avoid causing asthma. People with a special constitution who are prone to allergies should avoid or eat as little processed food as possible to avoid unexpected allergic reactions.

    Environment shot:

    Seven common allergens in daily life:

    • Dust mites: Dust mite rhinitis, asthma The excrement of dust mites is decomposed into extremely fine dust, which adheres to sheets, pillows, carpets or curtains. Once inhaled into the nasal cavity and lungs, it is easy to cause rhinitis and asthma. This part of allergens is the most easily ignored by us, and people with special constitutions should pay more attention in life.
    • Ozone gas: When the ventilation is poor, the odorless and tasteless ozone gas emitted by computers, fax machines, televisions and other electrical appliances will stimulate blindness and tracheal mucosa and cause allergies, resulting in eye swelling and throat discomfort. In the modern office, more and more people have formed a special physique.
    • Food: Some special ingredients in food can cause symptoms such as red itchy skin or swelling of lips and tongue, nausea, and diarrhea.
    • Pets: If the hair and dander of pets with cough, asthma and rhinitis get into the throat of the allergic person, it will cause mucous membrane allergy; after the pet's saliva dries, potential allergens will also be released.
    • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde has the functions of disinfection, anti-corrosion and astringency. It is widely used in wooden furniture, floors, detergents, and even added in small amounts in textiles and clothing. Formaldehyde can easily lead to allergies, causing itchy skin, cough, nasal congestion, dizziness and other symptoms. Especially newly renovated rooms, from paint, furniture to floor and decoration, will emit a lot of formaldehyde, threatening people's health.
    • Pollen, catkins, grass seeds: pollen, catkins, grass seeds, etc. are all pervasive. Once they come into contact with the lining of the nasal cavity or the lining of the throat, they will stimulate the mucous membranes and cause allergies, resulting in sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, chest tightness and other symptoms, which is why The incidence of spring allergies will be relatively high important reasons.
    • Drugs: Some special ingredients in drugs can easily lead to allergies, skin rashes, and sometimes low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, and even shock.


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                  What is special intrinsic body type?

                  • Allergic body type
                  • Your body have specific reaction to certain substances


                  What causing special intrinsic?

                  • Congenital deficiency
                  • Genetic factors
                  • Prolonged expose to chemical
                  • Prolonged expose to dirty environment
                  • Prolonged having low immune system


                  What is the symptoms?

                  • Get allergic easily (especially toward medicine, food, smell, pollen or weather)
                  • Skin rashes
                  • Sneezing, get cold without any reasons


                  How to improve?

                  Cultivating in diet:

                  • Encourage eating clean and balanced diet.
                  • Avoid eating too much of food additive if you are allergic to it.

                  Cultivating in living environment:

                  Seven allergic sources that you have to avoid in daily life:

                  • Dust mite
                  • Ozone gas
                  • Foods
                  • Pets
                  • Formaldehyde
                  • Pollen
                  • Medicine

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