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[itsherbs.com] Job Opportunities



join in itsherbs.com ] benefits

  1.  You will have your own working time and system to accompany you to work happily and tastefully
  2.  Beautiful working environment and happy working atmosphere
  3.  We have a refrigerator that often grows its own drinks and food
  4.  There is the supply of the first physical tea therapy in Malaysia. If you are not careful, you will find tea therapy with special flavors.
  5.  We have unlimited pour-over coffee every day to help you refuel for the whole day
  6.  If the team achieves the goal, the salary will be adjusted, and the annual performance bonus will be allocated to the budget according to the company's growth.
  7.  In 【itsherbs.com】, we will use many interesting and effective tools to complete responsible work and even more
  8.  We always have fun things and activities
  9. [itsherbs.com] We are doing international products and traditional Chinese medicine services. We are also growing rapidly. If you join [itsherbs.com], you will have the best growth environment and stage.
  10.  You will work with very good team members, [not Chinese medicine] everyone is great!
  11.  The current clinic location is Puchong Setiawalk, just opposite to LRT Pusat Bandar Puchong, more nearby food, we will talk when you come to interview

You are a talent, but you can't find relevant vacancies

It's okay, welcome to write hr@itsherbs.com, attach your resume, and share what you think is very complicated and challenging, which most people don't understand, but you have a deep professional understanding of one thing, and this thing can make [itsherbs.com] better, so that we can be more Know you. If there are suitable ones, we will take the initiative to notify you!

Chinese medicine practitioner promotion ladder

Junior Chinese Physician


Senior Chinese Physician

Deputy store manager

branch manager

Divisional Supervisor