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湿热性腹泻茶疗 Damp-Heat Related Loose Stool Tea




功效 :清热健脾化湿,适合适合大吃大喝或烟酒后导致的大便黏腻稀烂,有异味或肛门灼热感



*5 Tea Bags*

Ingredients: Atractylodes lancea, Fructus Aurantii, Agastache rugosa, Hawthorn, Licorice

Properties:Clear heat, strengthen spleen and dissolve dampness, suitable for loose, sticky, smelly stool or heat sensation at anus after bowel movement due to poor eating habits or smoking/drinking

Method: Drain in boiling water and cover it, you can drink it after 10 minutes, this teabag can be brewed for 3-4times, until the tea is tasteless.

*Note: Not suitable for pregnant women.