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Barley Barley

  • Coix seed is also known as coix seed, coix seed, coix seed, soil corn, coix seed, Qi Shi, coix seed, grass bead, Huihui rice, rice kernel, six millet. It is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also a common and frequently eaten food.

    "Benjing": "maintains tendon spasm, unable to bend or stretch, rheumatic arthralgia, and lower qi."

    "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Coix seed, a yang-ming medicine, can strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach. If it is deficient, it can supplement its mother, so it is used for lung atrophy and lung carbuncle. The diseases of the muscles and bones are based on the treatment of yang-ming, so the convulsions are tense. , It is used by people with wind arthralgia. Soil can beat water to dehumidify, so it is used for diarrhea and edema.”