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Polygonatum Odoratum

  • Polygonatum japonica, also known as "Vintage", is the rhizome of the perennial herb of Liliaceae, Polygonatum vulgaris. Because of the drooping leaves of the grass and trees, like the drooping of the official crown and tassels in ancient times, it is majestic. Soothes skin, heals diseases and prolongs life. Yuzhu is nourishing but not greasy, not cold or dry, so it has the power of "replenishing the five internal organs, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing and moisturizing, and removing wind and heat".

    "Materia Medica": "Yuzhu, sweet and fatty, soft and moisturizing product. Now it is only used to treat the symptoms of dryness and heat in the lungs and stomach, dry body fluids, thirst and thirst, and flaming stomach fire, dry thirst and grains, and easy hunger by eating more. It is especially effective.”