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【Qingguan Recuperation】Conditioning Package | Post Recovery Kits

Not immune
It is good for balancing the immune physique

Recently, we have received news of confirmed cases of patients with symptoms such as breathing discomfort, sore throat, and muscle pain. At the same time, he is also worried that after recovery, there will still be sequelae that will affect his health.

Our [Qing Guan Recuperation] Chinese medicine conditioning package can help the diagnosed patients to regulate their physical discomfort, fight infection, rebuild their own immunity, and make the immune system reach the best balance.

We will assist with the discomfort and conditioning that comes with the infection!

Improve immunity and treat post-diagnosis discomforts such as cough, sore throat, body pain, lack of smell and taste, indigestion, constipation, etc.
suitable for the crowd
Newly diagnosed patients / Post-diagnosis conditioning
solved problem
Discomfort caused by diagnosis such as: cough, no smell, no taste, indigestion, muscle aches, gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea or constipation, easy fatigue or lethargy, difficulty breathing, chest tightness or palpitations, poor sleep quality and rehabilitation, etc.
Package includes
Consultation by a TCM physician (initial consultation + follow-up) + 2 weeks of traditional Chinese medicine powder conditioning (1 course of treatment) + 1 small vitality tea therapy


Additional package: The doctor will provide daily dietary advice + acupoint massage advice based on your symptoms and body constitution

After placing the order, the TCM team will contact you immediately to arrange a consultation and mail the prescription to you


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