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The Sleeping Beauty Pack


No longer be dreaminess, insomnia or easily wake up in the night,
but you may sleep soundly every night if you regulate your sleep condition.

Most people in the city live a busy life. People work under pressure and often on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Staying up late has become a regular way of life and most of the people have a hard time to fall asleep. Even if one manages to go to bed, he or she still wakes up in the night or in a flood of dreams that may result in poor sleep quality. The cumulative long-term effects of sleep loss have been associated with a wide range of deleterious health consequences including having concentration difficulty and low productivity or performance at work.

Different symptoms of sleep disorders require different conditioning prescriptions based on different people’s body constitution and Chinese medicine treatment is precisely about identifying and treating the right symptoms. Therefore, Chinese medicine conditioning method which prescribe treatment based on individual constitution and symptoms can effectively improve sleep quality and health.

We will assist with the discomfort and conditioning that comes with the infection!

Fix common sleep problems, soothe the liver and release stress, clear the mind and overcome restlessness, improve sleep quality, regulate body constitution
Best For Who
Chronic insomnia, stress at work, wake up at night easily, can’t fall back to sleep, those who dream a lot, having sleeping difficulty, mentally exhausted, overthinkers, feeling tense
Problem Solving
Sleeping difficulty, dreaminess, waking up at night, unable to fall back asleep, fatigue, pay less for long-term health care
Package Includes
Consultation by a TCM physician (initial consultation + follow-up) + 2 weeks of traditional Chinese medicine powder conditioning (1 course of treatment)


Additional package: The doctor will provide daily dietary advice + acupoint massage advice based on your symptoms and body constitution

After placing the order, the TCM team will contact you immediately to arrange a consultation and ship the prescription to you


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