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The Strong Bones & Joints Pack


Not restricting older people from exercising,
but injuries can be avoided if you strengthen your tendons and joints.

Regular physical activity and exercise is important to your health. However, as we age, our body parts begin to wear and tear. Over exercising or improper exercise may increase the risk of sports injuries, especially bone and joint injuries. When bone and joint discomfort occurs, we should make appropriate adjustments rather than quit exercising.

Our joints need regular maintenance just like how the vehicles do. Through the gentle and natural conditioning of Chinese herbs, it can effectively prevent, improve, treat joint pain and also prolong your joint.

We will assist with the discomfort and conditioning that comes with the infection!

Strengthen muscles and bones, increase joint stability, reduce and ease joint pain, improve joint mobility
Best For Who
Mountain climbers, runners, hiker, body builders, cyclists, athletes, badminton players, seniors, patient who had joint replacement surgery
Problem Solving
Stabilize body’s joints, relieve and improve joint and tendon pain, pay less for long-term health care
Package Includes
Consultation by a TCM physician (initial consultation + follow-up) + 2 weeks of traditional Chinese medicine powder conditioning (1 course of treatment)


Additional package: The doctor will provide daily dietary advice + acupoint massage advice based on your symptoms and body constitution

After placing the order, the TCM team will contact you immediately to arrange a consultation and ship the prescription to you


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