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霸王花银耳汤料包 Hylocereus Undatus Soup With White Fungus


** 3 - 5 人份量




1.   自备肉材约100-150g,可搭配:瘦肉、排骨、鸡肉、牛肉等。

2.   霸王花和银耳用开水浸泡1小时,用手撕开;将蜜枣、枸杞、莲子、百合、玉竹洗净

3.   将肉材放入锅内加入适量的清水,大火煮沸后捞出,用清水洗净备用。

4.   将准备好的食材和肉材一起放入煲内,加入约1.5~2L的清水,大火煮沸后转小火(保持沸点)煲1.5-2小时,加入适量的盐调味即可;若使用隔水炖煲制,加水适量约1L2.5小时;若使用智能养生壶煲制,请按照养生壶的相关指引进行操作即可。

5.   若有问题,随时欢迎联系我们的面子书客服或致电我们咨询。







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* Served for 3-5 people

Ingredients : Hylocereus undatus , White Fungus, Lotus Seed, Lanceleaf Lily Bulb, Polygonatum odoratum, Wolfberry , Candied jujube

Function : Nourish yin and clear heat, moisten lung and dispel dryness

Match Suggestion : Pork Rib, Chicken, Beef

Cooking Steps :

1. Self-prepare meat about 100-150g, suitable to match with lean meat, pork rib, chicken, beef etc.

2. Soak Hylocereus undatus and White Fungus in pure water for 1hour.

3. Put meat in the pot and add some pure water , then take it out after water is boiled, rinse it with pure water, ready to use.

4. Put prepared ingredients and meat into the pot, add 1L of water, after water boiled turn to low heat (keep boiling point) cook for 1.5-2hours, add some salt or seasoning, then is ready to served; if use stewpot, add about 0.6L of water then stew for 2.5hours, if use electronic health pot, please follow the instruction. 

5. If any questions, please feel free to contact our Facebook customer service or call us for consultation. 

Recommended stove : earthen pot, stainless steel pot or plug-in health pot


Kindly Remind :

* Please store in the refrigerator, avoid direct sunlight, and store at dry place if not consume in 2 weeks.

* All ingredients are edible.

* Not suitable for people who allergic to the ingredients

* Desiccant is not edible