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【Not Confinement】Golden 28 Days | 1 to 1 Customized Confinement Soup Package



No Additives • No Preservatives • Vacuum Packed
  • not confinement” is a professional Chinese medicine team of “Not Chinese Medicine”. In the past 2 years, after in-depth cooperation with 5 famous postpartum confinement centers in China, more than 500 mothers have provided postpartum recovery and conditioning services. Golden 28 Days Confinement Medicated Diet Conditioningseries of products.

    According to the individual physical condition of the mother, carry out 1 to 1 customized deployment, so that confinement family members can choose nutritious ingredients according to the mother's personal dietary preferences and needs, and the taste is more diverse and easier to eat.

     Get out of the traditional concept of confinement, and use a modern and more scientific way to help mothers easily and easily confine themselves to the confinement period, hence the name "not confinement".

Package Design Beautifully designed packaging; 28 packs - vacuumindividual package 
Taste  Good medicine is not bitter, and it tastes good 
food grade Premium Chinese herbal medicines
store  Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place

 **Available for vegetarians ** 
** The TCM team will contact you after placing the order ** 
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黄金28天 月子汤料配套