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Gorgon Euryale Ferox

  • "Benjing": "Indicating dampness, lumbar spine and knee pain, invigorating the middle, eliminating violent diseases, benefiting the essence and qi, strengthening the will, and making the eyes and ears smart."

    "Materia Medica for Truth": "It tastes sweet and invigorates the spleen, so it can relieve dampness, so that diarrhea and abdominal pain can be cured, and the taste is astringent and firm in the kidney, so it can close the qi, and the urination can not help but heal. The work is similar to yam, but yam The tonic is originally more than gorgon, and the astringency of gorgon is better than yam, and yam is combined with lung yin, while gorgon is only limited to the spleen and kidney, not to the lung.”